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Nu Shop

Okay, bad spelling, but it is true.

You will, hopefully, have noticed that there were changes to my website. One of these changes was to remove the shop and bring back the gallery. I have organised the gallery into sections to hopefully make it easier for you to find things. I would be grateful for feedback on this and whether there is anything I could do to make this easier still.

Alongside this, I have opened a shop on (hence the terrible pun in the title). Not everything is on there yet, but it does give you a way to buy something without having to do a series of emails. I am still open to emails and agreeing payment by Paypal, etc but I realise that not everyone wants to have that conversation and want to just buy without that hassle. If you have seen something that you would like that is not in my NuMonday store yet, send me an email saying you would like to see it there and I will do my best to put it on right away and send you the link.

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