Personal Statement

Audrey Bowling is a mixed-media artist working with an emphasis on collage.


Audrey’s main artworks are textural and abstract. As an avid traveller, she photographs landscapes and other phenomena to inform her work.  The shapes and colours of these provide inspiration, alongside the materials and found objects she uses. She is fascinated by found objects, especially those lying in the street - rusty washers, keys, bits of wire, etc.  She loves the way the metal objects are scratched and rusted and discarded by society. She uses them in her work to give balance and texture, whilst giving them a life beyond their original purpose.


Audrey ‘sculpts’ the base, working intuitively, adding other materials and colours to achieve the desired effect.  The end result is akin to having a sculpture on your wall.


Alongside this textural and more abstract work, Audrey also paints flowers.  These acrylic artworks are painted close-up to show the shapes and inner workings of the flower, giving it a semi-abstract feel.