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This is a selection of my artwork.  For unframed work, please click on the photo to be taken to my webstore where you will be able to purchase the item with free postage and packing. For framed artwork, please contact me on for details of postage and packing.

Autumn View

An abstracted autumn landscape using collage and mixed-media size framed: H 30 x W30cm Price: £150

Lynn and Lismore

Acrylic view of Lynn and Lismore in Scotland. Size framed: H54 x W44cm Price: £150

Mountain Vista collage, mixed-media artwork by Audrey Bowling

Title: Mountain Vista Medium: Collage, mixed-media Size framed: H34 x W84cm Price: £400

View Over Walland Marsh by Audrey Bowling

Collage, mixed-media landscape on canvas featuring the view across Walland Marsh in East Sussex, UK Framed (unglazed) size H33 x W26cm Price £100

View Beyond Walland Marsh by Audrey Bowling

Mixed-media on canvas Framed (unglazed) size: H33 x W26cm Price: £100

In View by Audrey Bowling

Collage, mixed-media on paper Framed and mounted size: H32 x W24cm, aperture: H13.5 x W10.5cm Price: £50

Loch View

Collage, mixed-media painting on canvas Size H20 x W50cm £150

Winter's First Breath by Audrey Bowling

'Winter's First Breath' Collage, mixed-media Size framed: H11 x W17cm Price: £100

Midwestern Memories p

'Midwestern Memories' Inspired by my travels through the USA Collage, mixed-media Size framed: H 49 x W 40 cm Price: £200

Autumn Undulations H42 x W60cm - Audrey

'Autumn Undulations' Collage, mixed-media Size framed: H 29 x W 54 cm Price: £170

Shropshire Undulations H29 x W54cm - Aud

'Shropshire Undulations' collage, mixed-media inspired by an autumn visit to Shropshire. Size framed: H42 x W60cm Price: £195

Bluescape p

'Bluescape' Collage, mixed-media Size float mounted, but unframed: H25 x W32cm Price: £30

Sound of the Sea p

'Sound of the Sea' Collage, mixed-media on canvas Size mounted but unframed: H32 x W32cm Price: £65

Timanfaya p

'Timanfaya' Inspired by the volcanic landscape of Lanzarote Size float mouned, but unframed: H52 x W73 cm Price: £120

Theres Gold in Them There Hills p

'There's Gold in Them There Hills' Collage, mixed-media Size float mounted and framed: H 28 x W 61 cm Price: £170

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