This is a selection of my artwork.  I am currently in the process of setting up a store on  If you would like to purchase something, please either visit or contact me on

Winter's First Breath

'Winter's First Breath' Collage, mixed-media Size framed: H11 x W17cm Price: £100

Stormy Skies

'Stormy Skies' from memories of the Essex coast where the muddy shore meets the sea and there always seems to be someone sailing. Acrylic, mixed-media on gallery-wrapped canvas Size: H 30.5 x W 30.5 cm Price:£100

Shades of Summer

'Shades of Summer' Collage, mixed-media Size framed: H21 x W32 x D3 cm Price: £90

midwestern memories framed

'Midwestern Memories' Inspired by my travels through the USA Collage, mixed-media Size framed: H 49 x W 40 cm Price: £200

Autumn Undulations

'Autumn Undulations' Collage, mixed-media Size framed: H 29 x W 54 cm Price: £170

Shropshire Undulations

'Shropshire Undulations' collage, mixed-media inspired by an autumn visit to Shropshire. Size framed: H42 x W60cm Price: £195

Off Piste

'Off Piste' Acrylic and collage Size framed: H33.5 x W43cm Price: £75

Winter Calling

'Winter Calling' Collage, mixed-media Size mounted but unframed: H28 x W37.5 Price: £40


'Windswept' Acrylic on gallery-wrapped canvas Size: H20 x W20 x D4cm Price: £30

Bluescape (2)

'Bluescape' Collage, mixed-media Size float mounted, but unframed: H25 x W32cm Price: £25

Firth of Lorne

'Firth of Lorne' View from the Mull to Oban ferry on a beautiful sunny day. Acrylic on canvas board Size unframed: H18 x w 12.5 cm Price: £30

Sound of the Sea (2)

'Sound of the Sea' Collage, mixed-media on canvas Size mounted but unframed: H32 x W32cm Price: £60

Timanfaya (2)

'Timanfaya' Inspired by the volcanic landscape of Lanzarote Size float mouned, but unframed: H52 x W73 cm Price: £120

Theres Gold in Them There Hills (2)

'There's Gold in Them There Hills' Collage, mixed-media Size float mounted and framed: H 28 x W 61 cm Price: £170

Autumn Gold (2)

'Autumn Gold' Collage, mixed-media Size float mounted but unframed: H 24 x W37 cm Price: £110