This is a selection of my artwork.  If you would like to purchase something, please contact me on

Heart 2 Heart by Audrey Bowling
Collage, mixed-media on canvas
Unframed size: H 60cm x W80cm
Trashed Can 2 by Audrey Bowling
Trashed Can 2
Collage, mixed-media with found objects
Framed and mounted H32.5 x W 27.5cm
Instrumental Variation by Audrey Bow
Instrumental Variation
Framed and mounted H41 x W30 cm
Spirit of Tintern 2 by Audrey Bowlin
Spirit of Tintern 2
Framed and mounted H33 x W28cm
Displacement by Audrey Bowling
Collage with found objects
Framed H 40 x W 31 cm
Spirit of Tintern 1 by Audrey Bowlin
Spirit of Tintern 1
Framed H41 x W 35 cm

giclée prints available
mounted 30.6 x 29.5 cm
Strung Out by Audrey Bowling
Strung Out
Collage, mixed-media
Framed H30 x W 19 cm x 2
Night Music by Audrey Bowling
Night Music
Collage, mixed media
Framed and mounted H 34 x W 44 cm
Copper Echo by Audrey Bowling
Copper Echo
Collage, mixed-media
Framed 43 x 29cm
Vases Abstracted by Audrey Bowling
Vases Abstracted
framed and mounted 42 x 52cm
Overseer's Tower Valle de Los Ingenios T
Overseer's Tower, Valle de Los Ingenios, Trinidad, Cuba
Framed 24 x30cm

Giclée prints available mounted 36.3 x 15.8 cm
Shropshire Undulations by Audrey Bow
Shropshire Undulations
Collage, mixed-media
Framed 42 x 60cm
The Way to Tir Na Nog by Audrey Bowl
The Way to Tir-Na-Nog
Collage, mixed-media
Framed H18.5 x W33 x D 3 cm
Can Sail by Audrey Bowling
Can Sail
Collage with Found Objects
Framed H40.5 x W33cm £150
Winter's First Breath by Audrey Bowl
Winter's First Breath
Collage, mixed-media
Framed H 25 x W 34 cm
Squashed Confidence by Audrey Bowlin
Squashed Confidence
Collage, mixed-media
Framed 45.5 x 31cm
Red and White Tulip by Audrey Bowlin
Red & White Tulip
Acylic on canvas
50 x 50cm
Red and White Dahlia by Audrey Bowli
Red & White Dahlia
Acrylic on canvas
50 x 60cm
Trashed Can by Audrey Bowling
Trashed Can
framed and mounted 32.5 x 27.5cm
Top Can by Audrey Bowling
Top Can
Framed and mounted 32.5 x 27.5cm
Golden Spring by Audrey Bowling
Golden Spring
Collage, mixed-media
Framed H 27 x W 37 cm
Theres Gold in Them There Hills by A
There's Gold in Them There Hills
Collage, mixed-media
Framed H 28 x W 61 cm
Passing Through by Audrey Bowling
Passing Through
Collage, mixed-media
Framed H51 x W28 cm
Autumn Undulations by Audrey Bowling
Autumn Undulations
Collage, mixed-media
Framed H 29 x W 54 cm
Stormy Skies by Audrey Bowling
Stormy Skies
Acrylic, mixed-media on canvas
30.5 x30.5cm
Treble Cleft by Audrey Bowling
Treble Cleft
Collage, mixed-media
Framed H 38 x W 27 cm
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