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A Charitable Peek

part of a postcard sized artwork by Audrey Bowling and accompanying label for #TAE21
Twitter Art Exhibit 2021 by Audrey Bowling

Before it goes into the envelope, a sneak peek at my entry for the Twitter Art Exhibit in aid of The Leukaemia and Intensive Chemotherapy Fund – LINC, Cheltenham, UK. The Exhibition is due to take place on 15 May 2021.

What is this? I hear you ask.

Artists worldwide donate postcard-sized, handmade original artwork to the TwitterArtExhibit (TAE). TAE then organises a local, physical showcasing of the art. The public is invited to buy the art at an affordable, flat price.

This provides artists with new exhibition opportunities, new audiences and benefactors, and appeals to art enthusiasts all over the world

Now into its 12th year, Twitter Art Exhibit is a fundraising event that uses social media and public engagement to generate income for charities and nonprofit organizations. Up until 2019, the charities kept 100% of the proceeds. Due to higher overhead costs that TAE has had to absorb, the charities now keep 80% of the proceeds. The event was originally started in 2010 in Norway by David Sandum.

The first exhibition’s goal was 140 entries, symbolic of the 140 characters used on Twitter. The response was so enthusiastic that 260 cards were submitted from 24 countries, and David Sandum raised enough funds to buy 221 new children’s books for a struggling library in Moss, Norway.

Social media plays a major role in Twitter Art Exhibit, through Tweets, sharing to promote the artists and to make this event a huge success.

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