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Dreaming of the Bay

Hello again.

After the exhibition I took a short break, but it has done some good with a fresh artworks now awaiting framing for future shows and open studios.

I promised a view of some of my newer artworks. Those of you who made it to the Dunmow Art Group Exhibition will have seen some of the next few works, but for the benefit of those further afield or unable to join us, the next few posts are of the landscapes I have been working on. These will be followed newer works and more abstracts.

I understand that some are not receiving emails of my blog posts, and I think this may be due to using the app rather than updating on my laptop. I will try and post more regularly and use my laptop, although travelling may make this difficult.

The first of these is Dreaming of the Bay. This literally came to me as I was waking up from a dream, hence the title.

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