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USA Road Trip

A few years ago, we decided to tour the USA. It is a BIG country. It involved several flights, lots of hotels, some driving and some truly magnificent sights.

The main bit of driving we did was from Denver to Las Vegas. If I ever do it again, I will do it in the opposite direction. Las Vegas was a bit too much of a culture shock after 2 weeks in the desert. That said, I would probably do Phoenix or San Jose instead of Las Vegas.

That bit in between had some very interesting rock formations and a variety of colours. The sky was pretty much all blue, although we did have our flight to Denver delayed and landed in a snowstorm. That also changed our planned route slightly.

These two works are both inspired by that road trip. They are both collage, mixed-media, both are framed and both are still available.

Midwestern Memories size: H49 x W40cm, price £200

Midwestern Dreaming size: H22.5 x W30 x D3cm £90

A6 cards of Midwestern Memories are available at £3.50 each

Please contact me if you are interested.

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