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Undulating Landscapes

Following on from the previous post, these were done at the same time and not only incorporate inks, watercolours and paper, but also wrapping paper. These were inspired by a trip to Shropshire. Beautiful scenery, if a tad cold and windy when we were there.

The top one 'Autumn Undulations' was awarded a 'Top 20' place in the Cambridge Open Art show of 2018. Another show that will not be happening this year, but will hopefully be back even stronger in 2021.

Strangely, although the top 'Autumn Undulations' gets the most comments, I have always preferred the bottom one 'Shropshire Undulations', which more acurately reflects the shapes of the hills. I think it may be the colours, but I'm not sure. What do you think?

These are both still available. Collage, mixed-media, both framed.

Autumn Undulations size: H29 x W54cm, price: £170

Shropshire Undulations size: H42 x W60cm, price: £195 some A5 cards of this are also available at £3 each.

Please contact me if interested.

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