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To Frame or Not To Frame

As part of the Dunmow Art Group Autumn Exhibition, I will be putting in some unframed artwork. I've often been told that people only want framed artwork. However, I have sold unframed and been asked to sell something without its frame as well as get something unframed framed. I am happy to do any of these.

In an ideal world, I would frame each artwork in a frame to suit. In some cases that might be bright orange or bright blue. However, some people like all their pictures to have the same frame and create a cohesive look in their home. Certainly, galleries and shows generally like relatively plain frames, hence I choose plain black.

The advantage of unframed work is that the buyer can choose a frame to suit their decor and may get something cheaper. The disadvantage is the pictures are not necessarily shown at their best.

These are the unframed works I intend to have available, although as I don't need to specify more than a number of unframed, they may change.

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