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The Difference a Mount Makes

As you know, I like collage, it creeps in everywhere. However, I rarely completely collage an artwork. There is usually either just a mountain scene mounted with no surrounding landscape or the landscape around it is painted.

Following a workshop with Ailsa Lyn, I recently tried making a relatively realistic landscape completely with collage papers. This was a new experience and I'm still not entirely sure whether I will make another in this way. The finished article is below. It is also an opportunity to see the difference a mount can make.

The top photo is the finished picture unmounted, complete with ragged edges. The middle two are where I have used a smaller mount, which cut off differing parts of the original. The bottom is where a larger mount hides the rough edges, but shows the majority of the picture. I now need to decide whether to mount it and frame it, just mount it, or stick it in my sketchbook as a reminder. Decisions, decisions ...

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