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Sketches of Lanzarote

These sketches were done whilst in Lanzarote in early 2019. There are many hills and volcanoes in Lanzarote, and also a lot of cactus and palms. The wind was a bit of beast, but we did manage to get out and about.

These are from Playa Honda. One of the methods the locals use to deal with the wind is small semi-circular stone wind breaks. These are used in the vineyards and on the beaches to protect both crops and people. The abstract sketch on the bottom right is of some of the stones in a windbreak such as this.

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1 commentaire

Megan Ecclestone
26 mars 2020

Hi Audrey! Thanks for sending these sketches. I've seen the Cornish ones and the Lanzarote ones now. Nice use of various drawing media. You put me to shame as usually I rely too much on my camera. There's a lot to be said for keeping the drawing going, so please continue to remind me. I look forward to the next in the series!

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