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Sketches of Cornish Views

My next few posts will feature some sketches during my travels. These sketches are not intended to be finished works. They are ways of keeping my hands and mind occupied as well as capturing some of the atmosphere. Some will inspire me, some will help me remember.

The landscapes I often create rarely exist in life, but are a collection of the many views I have had the pleasure see, the impressions left in my memory. The act of sketching helps me observe, to see the detail and how things interrelate. Rarely are the sketches themselves good enough to be shown in their own right and the ones in the next few posts definitely fall into that category, but I hope yu enjoy seeing some of the process.

These sketches are from a short break in Cornwall where the weather was a little wild, but the view was great. These are the views across the hills and fields towards Widemouth Bay from Marhamchurch in north Cornwall.

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