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Moving Forward

These two are new pieces. Small ones whilst I try out working on canvas. (Both my local framers have closed - one 18months ago and one in January. I either have to work out how to buy frames online that will fit my artwork or find one in another town, which adds time and money. The alternative is to work on canvas, which may affect my style going forward.) Adding collage and found objects is not an issue, adding delicate textures might be - more from storage than otherwise. People often ask why I frame my sculpted paper pieces - I think they want to touch them. The reasons are two-fold:

1.They would collect dust like crazy - glazed frames are a lot easier to dust.

2. They are delicate - brushing up against them or accidentally leaning them against something else would flatten them.

I have no objection to taking something out of its frame to sell, but then the onus is on the individual buyer to treat it with care. These pieces cannot be fixed once damaged.

These two artworks both include found objects and texture.

Rising to the Surface size: H21 x W15 cm £45

On a Roll size: H17.5 x W13cm £35

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