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Lynn and Lismore

I haven't posted much new artwork other than the postcards recently. This doesn't mean I haven't been making them.

One thing I have discovered is that if I haven’t done any for a while, I seem to need to work my way into it. Sketching and things like the postcards kèep the creative muscles working, but to work on larger pieces, it usually starts with me wanting to paint a particular thing. It itches away at my mind for a while and then I finally put myself to work.

The first thing is often a fairly realistic painting, especially a landscape. I may do more than one and then I start to get a little bored and start playing with shapes, colour or texture and gradually I end up with my more usual abstract mixed-media pieces.

This landscape is one of those first pieces. It is a view from one of my many trips to Scotland of Lynn and Lismore. Painted in Acrylic on canvas, it is H51 x W41cm £150

Many galleries just want one type of work from you. Your 'style' or 'voice'. I could just paint over these starter acrylic artworks and maybe one day I will. Right now it seems a shame to do that, so here it is.

A view of Lynn and Lismore in Scotland.  Hills and calm blue waters under a blue sky

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