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Is There Gold?

This artwork was also selected for the Babylon Arts Summer Exhibition in Ely a couple of years ago.

This is another artwork that makes people comment. It is not based on any particular place, but always makes me think of Landmannalaugar in Iceland. We never made it there on either of our trips to iceland, but the pictures I have seen give me the impression of layers and colours.

I am often asked why I don't use white mounts or put a mount to surround the artwork. I know that is often done to try and enhance the work, but I look carefully at each piece and decide which colour background enhances it. I choose to float mount as the artworks themselves are not square and need to sit on something. To then put a white mount around that, often diminishes the artwork. This would be one of those cases. That said, if you want to buy it and prefer to get it framed yourself with a white mount surrounding it, that is your choice. Just be warned, it may look more different than you think.

Titled 'There's Gold in Them There Hills', it is a collage, mixed-media artwork. Still available and currently framed. Size: H28 x W61cm, price £170.

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