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Escape, Photography and Technology

Whilst in lockdown, I did miss my travels. I had bought some canvases to play with and started to make some sea and hill scapes. Using collage and mixed-media, they allowed me to escape for a while into memories of places.

This piece is 'Snow Bay'. It measures H20 x W25cm and is currently for sale via Wonky Wheel Gallery in Finchingfield. Finchingfield is a lovely village, very picturesque with its duck pond, windmill and thatched cottages - the pub does a nice pint too! Great for a day out and pop into this excellent gallery to my works among some other great contemporary art and gifts.

You will notice that the photo on the Wonky Wheel website looks rather different. Below is the true look of the work. Apparently if you take high quality photos as jpeg and send them across the interweb they get compressed and don't keep all the information, which means viewers don't necessarily see the same as I do - who knew? I have been in the process of changing my jpegs to PNGs, which whilst not as high quality don't get compressed in the same way and retain all the information, which is why this photo looks blue and the other looks white. Here endeth today's lesson in techology and photos.

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