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Dropping Artwork to the Gallery

This is how I transport my artwork. To try and protect the artwork and frames items are wrapped in bubble wrap before being placed in this large bag. I made a quick, late visit to Wonky Wheel Art Gallery to swap over some artwork before our 2nd Lockdown started and have just got round to sorting things out. It has been a strange year for everyone and normal procedures have had to be adjusted. Before this, Mary would have been warmly welcomed to my studio and we would have chatted and you might have seen different posts and artwork. That said, the gallery is doing well and apparently this last few days brought xmas shopping fever and Mary, the gallery owner, is now taking some well-earned rest. Hopefully the gallery will be open again before Christmas, but whether or not that happens, items will still be available online. Further posts on my artwork available once all the admin has been completed.

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