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Ceaseless Transformation - updated with better photos

With apologies for the quality of the photo earlier (so much for trying to put two photos into one). Here is the updated version with better quality photos to allow you to see the detail.

I love the look of textile art, but I hate sewing with a passion; it takes time and it's fiddly. However, I do make textile art from time to time as sometimes the subject demands it and in others the materials suggest it.

This one is where the subject suggested it. I have many, many photos of fungi and lichen and strange natural phenomenon that I use to inform my work. This particular one was inspired by a tree stump alongside the River Tay in Perth. Felled some while back moss, lichen and fungus had grown over it to the point it was almost obscured.

I takes the title 'Ceaseless Transformation' from a quote by Marcus Aurelius Antonius "All things are in the act of change; thou thyself in ceaseless transformation and partial decay, and the whole universe with thee." Life transforming life, tree to host, simultaneously dead and alive.

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