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Below the Surface

There is a lot that goes on beneath the surface of life. People may say they are fine, when actually their world is falling apart, illness, injury, death, mental health, anxiety, poverty, violence, love, family, relationships, success, failure, home, so many things that we wouldn't know unless that person chooses to tell us.

Here we can see that there is something underneath the surface, but apart from hints of line we cannot fully grasp everything that is included. These two have found objects hidden within them. I can no longer remember exactly what was used. There were definitely threads and yarns and looking at it now it appears there was some cardboard and possibly some material. Sometimes life is like that, we move on and we may not remember all the details of what shaped us, but that shape is still there. They still affect how we act and how we see the world. These objects create a surface on which I can paint, bringing colour to highlight aspects, much as behaviour, manner and make-up can be the way we highlight or mask aspects of ourselves and our lives.

Hedgefund size float mounted unframed: H32 x W41cm, Price: £40

Scramble for Gold size framed: H41 x W41 cm, Price: £175

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