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Are You Soft or Tough Inside?

Are you soft of tough at your core? Delicate and tough at the same time. Here copper is threaded through the painted surface. On the left is 'Passing Through' This is an old piece of veneer painted and copper wire beaten and sewn on top. Actually quite a delicate piece; you can see the veneer trying to split. The wire snakes its way down and off the veneer.size framed: H51 x W28 cm price £110

On the right 'Copper Passage' is copper collaged with manipulated paper as well as physically through the paper and placed on a background of delicate handmade paper. size framed and mounted: H45 x W30 cm price £125

Abstract artworks by Audrey Bowling with copper wire threaded through and sew onto collaged surfaces
Passing Through and Copper Passage

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