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A Short Poem

For those of you not on Twitter (and quite frankly, I don't blame you), there are some lovely things that happen on it if you avoid the trolls and doom mongers. Earlier this week I posted that I had sent off my entry for next year's Twitter Art Exhibition. This runs annually in aid of a different charity each time.

Being part of this not only enables me to support charities, it also supports other artists and brings a lot of others into the art world. One of these goes by the name of @PaigntonPoet.

After I tweeted a photo of my entry, I was pleased to receive a poem in relation to the artwork that I titled 'Harvest' from The Paignton Poet. I have copied it below:

"The autumn harvest, a time of toil

The fruits of labour picked from the soil

Trees divested of their heavy load

All to nourish us along the wintery road"

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