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A Postcard A Week

For Christmas, someone gave me a pack of blank postcards. After clearing up the studio and finishing a few other things, I looked at them and wondered what to do with them. Late last week I had the idea of using them to try things out, making small sketches, etc.

I find small projects easier, less pressure and a good starting point to get the creative juices flowing. I usually work in series and something small as a jumping off point is good. To try and encourage some regular practice I have decided to do a postcard a week through 2023. This should make sure that I spend time in my studio without overwhelming my other artwork, and hopefully feeding into some larger pieces.

As I only thought about this late last week, this is my first effort. A collage on a painted background using some geli printed papers. I may revisit this with some more paint and mark making at a later date, but this will do for a first one.

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