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Has It Really Been That Long?

I just looked back to see when I posted some new work and realised that, apart from the flowers in February and March this year and an experiment with sculpture in October, I haven't posted any new work since June last year. There were some valid reasons for this, preparing for the MMContemporArt show in November took some time away from creating, setting up a new studio takes time and space, which meant I had nowhere to create between November and February. This was followed by a family bereavement and some health issues, which although there was time to make some more art and enter some shows, posting on the internet fell behind and I apologise.

However, I am now back to (I hope) making some more regular posts about my work. I will be taking part in the MMContemporArt show again this year at the end of November and there will be more about this in the coming weeks, we're currently finalising the details.

Thank you all for your lovely comments about the flowers that were my most recently posted works. Although I enjoy doing these occasionally, I don't find them as challenging as the other mixed media work I do. If the florals are what brought you to my work, then welcome, I am likely to do more from time to time, but the majority is more likely to be abstract mixed media and I hope you will learn to enjoy that too.

Alongside continuing my existing themes of landscape and found objects, I have been experimenting with other styles. This has been partly to anticipate possible future problems with my hands and consider alternative methods that will enable me to continue creating art (please see my previous posts about Dupuytren's Disease).

Over the next few weeks I hope to post at least one new piece every week to bring you up to date with what has been happening in my studio. Today's artwork is ' Instrumental Variations' It is a mixed-media piece feature an abstract view of various musical instruments.

Instrumental Variations abstract mixed-media artwork by Audrey Bowling of various musical instruments

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