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Lily Auction for Dupuytren's Research

As this painting doesn't have a home, I have decided to put this painting up for auction in aid of Dupuytren's Research.

Title: Blue Lily

Medium: Acrylic

Size: H30.5 x W40.5 x D4 cm

What is Dupuytren's? I hear you say. Well, Dupuytren's Disease or Dupuytren's Contracture is also known as the Viking Disease. It is, in basic terms, a thickening of the connective tissue in the palms of the hands, which can lead to permanently bent fingers. It is thought to be genetic, and there is no cure. You can read more about it here.

I have recently been diagnosed with the early stages of this and on checking what could be done, I found out that there has been next to no research done. There is no cure, only surgery once the fingers are bent and this may have to be repeated. Radio Therapy may offer some hope in the early stages, but there is nothing else available. You can imagine my horror, as one who uses her hands in her work, to be faced with the possibility of losing the dexterity that I need.

As a result I have been thinking about a way to help raise funds for that desperately needed research, not only for the thousands out there that have this dreadful disease, but also their children and grandchildren, who if this is genetic - and this is by no means certain, although it does seem to run in families - are likely to develop the disease in years to come.

As I don't run, marathons are out of the question. I'm not sitting in a bath of custard (waste of good custard if you ask me) or anything like that, but as an artist I can paint. Hence, after completing this painting, it seemed an ideal work to donate, partly because although I do paint flowers on occasion, they are not my usual type of artwork, although the flowers generally have wider appeal. Because I want to raise as much as possible, I won't be putting this for sale on my website, but have put it on ebay. This is the direct link to the ebay page.Blue Lily on Ebay

The final amount will go to Dupuytren's Research

Please share this link as widely as possible.

Thank you all for your support

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