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New Year, New Studio

Hello everyone!

Sorry if things have been quiet around here, things should start to change soon, as I've been engaged on painting of a different kind.

In order to stop me making a mess of the house, we decided to convert the garage. After initially saying they could do this in February, the builders suddenly said in October that they could do it in November instead. Now this was all very lovely, but with the MMContemporArt Show the week before I had little time to organise my work or my workspace beforehand, this meant that all artwork outside of classes ceased while my workspace became storage space for the duration of the work. After waiting for plaster to dry and paint to dry, furniture to be delivered (a plan chest was desperately needed), I have finally got my new workspace set up and ready to go.

Here it is, complete with sink for cleaning those brushes and soaking that paper. An area for dry work such as mounting and cutting, racks and boxes for storage (that already looks a mess and will need to have a close eye kept on it) and at the far end, my press can finally come out of its box and be used more often. The box on the floor contains a work in progress that will probably not be completed until later this year or even next year, but I now have space to work on it.

A big change from the workspace below. The table to the right was where I had been doing whatever artwork I could and under the mounds of workbench and canvas there lives a sofabed for visitors! This I used as another surface to place work out of the way whilst working on another part. This can now be used for actual visitors as well as sitting on - the first time this could be done, without a week's notice, in almost 4 years.

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